Friends of Boars Hill

Friends of Boars Hill

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Friends of Boars Hill

This is a group of local residents who are committed to nurturing and growing this hallowed spot in Oxfordshire for future and current generations to enjoy.  We love Boars Hill for its peace and beauty; its countryside and sense of openness.  Boars Hill is a vibrant community, always changing and improving within the character of the area.

Our current focus is on the specific planning proposals being considered at the old Open University site which we see threatening that character without any sympathy for or real understanding of the needs of local residents.

Boars Hill residents have for long had to stand up for the Green Belt and the contribution that Boars Hill makes to the Oxford scene:


We have not been alone, and in particular the Oxford Preservation Trust with its goal to guide development and ensure that Oxford’s rural setting is maintained for all to enjoy, has been a significant contributor in the preservation of notable green assets such as the ‘Old Golf Course’.

But recently, Peking University HSBC Business School has purchased Foxcombe Hall and its grounds. They aim extensively to develop the site, exploiting the Oxford name by creating a significant commercial venture in our village.  The character of the Hill would be fundamentally changed if this development takes place.  We believe that we must act proactively to protect the Green Belt and the local environment for the future as those before have done for us.


Our aim above all, is for Boars Hill to remain a tranquil rural Oxford community.

Our neighbourhood

Walking the footpaths and bridleways through Boars Hill can bring unexpected delights, no more so than in spring.

Latest News & Links:

The Business School’s Application on the Vale’s website is here. You can see the responses sent in at the same address.

The closing date for comments was 15th October. At the time of writing, 22nd October, the Vale planners are now considering the proposals and the responses lodged.

If you are on our mailing list, we shall keep you informed of significant progress of the application. You can still register using the Contacts Tab above.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in and also for your financial support!

Yours sincerely, the Steering Group.